SCILL Center to Offer Welding Classes

The SCILL Center will be offering a 16-week comprehensive welding class for adults. SCILL Center Director Jerry Gurrado says the course has been in demand.

“One of the things that is needed in our area, between Sabre, Kruz, Dragon Industries, and Hicks, is welding. We need good welders,” said Gurrado.

Gurrado said that a member of his board and others in the community agreed that an adult welding program is needed in the community. The plans now are for the class to be taught at Knox Middle School.

“The most difficult thing about a welding class, or a welding spot, is the incredible set-up cost for ventilation because you have to ventilate all the smoke, plus safety regulations, upgraded electrical and so on and so forth. That already exists there. It’s got a classroom situation, it’s got an outside entrance to it, it’s got restroom availability, it’s got a storage facility, it’s got a compressor about the size of a Volkswagon for compressed air – everything was on site. So A.J. Gappa took it before the Knox School Board, and to the School Board’s credit, they jumped and said yes. Please continue to pursue those talks. We’d be very interested in that.”

The instructor will be Andy Odle of North Judson who is not only a teacher, but he can certify students. Gurrado said the course could start in April or May depending on interest. Next school year there is a good chance welding will be taught at Knox for students in the 10 school cooperative.

For more information, call Jerry Gurrado at 772-8001.