West Central School Board Takes a Look at Next Year’s Budget

The West Central School Board discussed next year’s school budget during their recent meeting. Superintendent Charles Mellon said that the Board got to see all of the paperwork.

“It has the actual tax rate on there which would be the first time the Board was able to see the figures,” said Superintendent Mellon. “You always have to estimate things, like the the revenue, and you always estimate kind of low and your expenses high and hope for a tax rate you can deal with in those scenarios. We did reduce our Capital Project Fund by $80,000 and that took about two-and-a-half cents off the tax rate which got it down pretty close to what it was last year.”

The Board is concerned about keeping things consistent.

“Sometimes we put some things in the budget that we can take out once we do get the form and still maintain what we want to do with the different programs at West Central.”