2012 Legislative Session Could Finish Today

Senator Jim Arnold

The 2012 legislative session could end by as early as today, making it just in time for the March 14 deadline. Democrat Senator Jim Arnold of La Porte late yesterday afternoon explained the possibility of an early finish.

“Right now they’re moving at a pretty good pace. We should have a full day Friday. There are rumors though that we may decide to just adjourn Friday and come back and finish up on Monday, but we do have to finish by Wednesday, March 14, at the latest,” Arnold said.

Whenever they finish, the session will be remembered for the fight over the “Right to Work” bill. That bill brought thousands of labor union members to the statehouse to protest making Indiana the 23rd “Right to Work” state. Governor Mitch Daniels and the Republican majorities in both the House and Senate made it a priority, and in the end it passed.