Greg Andrews to Run Against Jackie Walorski

Greg Andrews, M.D.

There’s a new face in the Republican Primary: Greg Andrews, M.D., will be going toe-to-toe with Jackie Walorski. Andrews says many of the issues he plans to tackle if elected revolved around the healthcare field because of his history as a physician.

“I am well informed about issues that nobody’s addressing, and they’ve gotta be addressed. There’s a doctor shortage, nursing shortage, nurse educator shortage, and Alzheimer’s will bankrupt the United States by 2050 if we do not work headstrong against that disease,” said Andrews.

Andrews says he wants to focus on preventing the rationing of medicine, and says he plans to utilize his expertise in healthcare law and policy, and his Juris Doctor degree earned from Notre Dame law school. Andrews says that while this is the first time he’s stepping into the field of politics, he sees a number of changes that need to be made.

Andrews says that with a lot of money going toward healthcare, the system needs to be more efficient with it, starting at the family clinic level. If we can invest a little more in having coordinated care of patients, Andrews says we can save these families trips to the Emergency Room or other urgent care, controlling costs.

After growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, Andrews says he lived in this area for most of his adult life. He attended Notre Dame law school after receiving a scholarship as a Harvard undergrad, and worked in La Porte and South Bend, even finishing his residency in South Bend. Andrews says his ties to the community are strong, and he’s looking to improve the community if elected to congress.