Ancilla College Announces New Interim Admissions Director

Ancilla College in Donaldson has a new Interim Admissions Director. His name is Eric Wignall, and even though he’s new to the admissions office he is not new to Ancilla. Wignall has been with the college for a year-and-a-half doing market-type research.

We asked Wignall to describe his job.

“The Director of Admissions is the person who is involved in bringing students to Ancilla,” explained Wignall. “I’m part of the funnel, or the system of people who tell you about Ancilla College and how it works.”

Wignall explains what he discusses with a student.

“I’m the guy who goes out there and says we’re here for you, we have a menu of options and our goal is to make sure that the educational opportunity is your opportunity.”

He was asked about the traditional student at Ancilla.

“The traditional student doesn’t exist anymore. Our age group is a little older. There is a 24-year-old woman who is walking through this campus in terms of basic numbers. But there are also men and women from 18 to in their 50’s too. The idea is there are no traditional students. Everyone here is learning and building up a degree so they have credentials to move ahead in life.”