Culver 6th Grade Students Collect Food for Food Pantry

Culver Elementary sixth grade teacher, Missy Trent, believes that students need to learn more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each year, Ms. Trent instructs the students in her class to do an outside project for the community.

One sixth grader came to the teacher recently and said he had noticed a call out for food by the Culver Food Pantry. So this student took matters into his own hands and organized a dance for the pantry. Miss Trent talks about the event that was held last Wednesday night.

“The cost for the dance was two food items, and then a small charge for the dance itself. The young man collected 2,000 food items and $900.00 for the pantry.”

Missy said the town and school population are really awesome when it comes to giving.

“When the High School Spanish Club members heard about the dance, they volunteered to pack the boxes and deliver the items to the food pantry. The folks at the pantry couldn’t believe it when the club members dropped off the food and money that night.”