Culver School Board Discusses Monterey Elementary Display Items

Monterey Elementary School

The decision as to what to do about the items on display in the closed Monterey Elementary School building is still being discussed, as Monterey Town Board President Jim Fleury approached the Culver School Board this week requesting an update on the situation.

Fleury asked the board whether or not they would allow him to make arrangements to have a number of items removed from the building that hold sentimental value to the community. Superintendent Brad Schuldt said the board would ultimately have to decide what items can be removed, and requested that Fleury make a list of items to be removed from the building and where they would be taken.

“It’s not going to be a fire sale, by people walking in and grabbing stuff off the walls and then going out the door. We’re going to create a list and then this board will decide what to do with the items that are there,” said Schuldt.

A committee was established consisting of board members Ed Behnke, Ryan Sieber, and Jack Jones, with Jones acting as the contact for the committee. Fleury told the board that he will make arrangements for himself, the committee, and a few other people to enter the elementary school and work on the list of items to be removed.

When the list is completed, it will be presented to the school board and a decision will be made on whether or not to allow the items to be relocated. According to Schuldt, the items can be either given on loan, or ownership of the items can be transferred entirely to the new caretakers.