General Assembly Completes Productive Session

Indiana Statehouse

The General Assembly, which began with a month-long battle over right to work, ended with a flurry as legislators passed a smoking ban, abolished the inheritance tax and set aside more money for full day kindergarten and state fair stage collapse victims.

Republican Senate President Pro Tem David Long, of Ft. Wayne, boasts legislators again held the line on spending with taxpayers scheduled to receive a $40-$50 rebate as a result.

Governor Mitch Daniels issued a statement thanking legislators for an extraordinarily productive session.

Democrat House Minority Leader Patrick Bauer, of South Bend, said the best thing the legislature did was to adjourn.

This is the final session of the legislature that 17th District Democrat Representative Nancy Dembowski will serve, as she decided to not file for re-election in the newly created 20th District. She will officially end her final term with the election in November.