James Ritenour III Arrested after an Alleged Battery Incident

James Ritenour III

James Ritenour III is being held in the Starke County Jail under $100,000 bond in a case that involves his mother. Jayne Ritenour told police that her son battered her and threatened her life last Sunday evening. The incident happened, according to the mother, in her home at 5620 S. 700 E. in Knox.

The mother and son were involved in an altercation that stemmed from a malfunctioning microwave oven. Jayne Ritenour said when she returned home from church she noticed the microwave was in her words “messed up”. When she questioned her son he reportedly put a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her.

In wrestling over the knife, Mrs. Ritenour supposedly cut herself.

After being thrown to the floor and stomped on, Jayne told police she stayed in the house afraid to attempt to leave for fear her son would attack her again. In the morning, sure that James and his girlfriend were asleep, she crept out of the home and went to Kerby’s Corner Gas Station, where the owner, Becky Basler, called the police.

Starke County police went to the residence, found James Ritenour and his girlfriend asleep, announced who they were and took him into custody with no resistance.

Ritenour has been charged with Battery and Intimidation, Class C Felonies, Criminal Recklessness, a Class D Felony, and a misdemeanor charge of Interference with Reporting a Crime.