Johnny P. Whitt, Jr. Arrested on Drug Charges

Johnny P. Whitt, Jr.

Johnny P. Whitt, Jr. was arrested March 6th and faces methamphetamine-related charges after police received a report of a suspicious man at Zingo Express who purchased tin foil and salt, and asked if the store sold Zip-Lock bags.

When police arrived, they found Whitt leaving the store and walking to the Super Value Inn, just north of the Zingo Express. After entering the hotel, police monitored the building and followed him after he left, before pulling him over at the intersection of Delaware Street and U.S. 35 in Knox. The man was identified as Whitt, and marijuana was found on his person along with multiple packs of cold medication.

Police smelled a chemical odor from the room, which appeared to be empty, but after a search warrant was granted they found a plastic bottle in the bathroom with a brown sludge inside and a piece of aquarium tubing sticking out of the top. Coleman fuel, Liquid Fire drain cleaner, salt, and multiple plastic zip-top bags were found as well, along with a number of other items including methamphetamine.

Whitt faces charges of Dealing in Methamphetamine as a Class A felony, Possession of Precursors as a Class D felony, Possession of Methamphetamine as a Class D felony, and Possession of Marijuana as a Class A misdemeanor. His bond was set at $75,000.