Knox City Council Discusses Pennsylvania Central Bridge

Pennsylvania Central Bridge

The old Pennsylvania Central Bridge that spans the Yellow River at the east end of Wythogan Park was the topic of discussion during the recent Knox City Council meeting.

The Council has discussed taking the bridge out and possibly having the removal paid for by the scrap iron in the structure. Mayor Rick Chambers put a stop to that when he said the scrap wouldn’t pay for the demolition.

Council President, Jeff Berg, would like to save the bridge.

“I spoke with Dr. Fritz and he said that it is of a simple architecture right and that for a historical standpoint, he said that the bridge should be saved,” said Berg.

An Ohio man was killed last summer and although it was never proven, some felt that he jumped off the bridge. Clerk-Treasurer, Jeff Houston, told how to prevent jumping, or falling, into the river from the bridge.

“If you guys were to decide to put decking on there or replace whatever, you’ll have to go clear out to the side,” explained Houston. You see, there’s an open spot between where the railroad is and the side of the bridge. It’s easy to fall in there so what people have to do is climb out on top if that bridge to jump off.”

The Council tabled the matter until a future meeting.

Photos provided.