Knox Elementary Students Visit Ancilla College

Ancilla College Campus

Forty seventh-grade students from Knox Elementary School visited Ancilla College as part of the middle school’s Career Day experience. After being greeted by Dr. Ron May, president of the college, the students were divided into groups and provided four different fun learning sessions. Dr. John Fogl used cow hearts to teach them about the human heart and biology. In business, John Gough gave each student “Ancilla money” to invest in one of three cookie mines, and to spend on cookie mining equipment. The students who made the most money earned prizes.

Math students were given time to solve problems on computers. Jill Neidlinger conducted this presentation. The fourth group was given a tour of the campus and Nursing Lab.

Each group rotated through each of the presentations.

The day ended with the students competing in an Ancilla Jeopardy game, with the winning team receiving prizes.