Knox Man Arrested after Alleged Shoplifting Incident

Knox City Police arrested a Knox man last week after he reportedly stole items from Dollar General.

An employee from the store called police and said that a man and woman were in the store and it appeared that they were stealing items. She reportedly saw the pair place items underneath their clothes. The officer saw the man, identified as William King, pushing a stroller with shopping bags in it, and asked to talk with him. He asked King what he bought from the store. The woman, Linda King, exited the store with a child and reportedly told police that they didn’t steal anything from the store. After being asked several times, William King reportedly removed packaged headphones from his right pocket. When the officer patted him down, he reportedly found several more items in his pants.

A receipt was produced that showed the items in the bags as purchased but the items found on William King were not listed on the receipt. It was found that Linda King allegedly walked out of the store with two purses that weren’t paid for.

William King was arrested on a preliminary charge of Theft. Police say that King produced more stolen items during the trip to the jail. Linda King was not immediately arrested as she didn’t know of anyone that could take custody of her child. Theft charges are pending.