Legislators Pass Weakened Smoking Bill

“It’s better than nothing.” That’s how authors of a smoking ban bill described their feelings after the measure passed the legislature this year. Even though it was passed, the measure was so watered down at the end that legislators were hard pressed to think of a place that will be affected. 17th District Democrat Representative Nancy Dembowski talks about the bill.

“I got a call from a TV station Monday morning and they asked me to name an institution or business or organization that might be affected by the smoking ban in my district and I had to stop and think for a minute,” stated Dembowski. “I don’t believe there are any at all.”

Dembowski ended up voting for the measure.

“I ended up voting for it because one of the authors who had been pursuing it forever asked me to and he told me it was a start.”

Places that are exempt from the ban include bars, casinos, cigar and hookah bars, fraternal organizations, nursing homes, and in-home businesses.

The Senate passed the legislation 28-22 and the House passed it 60-33.