Monterey Bridge Project Update

Pulaski County Commissioners Tracey Shorter, Kenneth Boswell, Michael Tiede

Another slight hiccup in the Monterey Bridge project was brought before the Pulaski County Commissioners yesterday, as Jeff Larrison from United Consulting announced a small slip of land would cost the county $329 more than previously expected.

The commissioners previously agreed to offer the landowners $900 for a small, previously overlooked sliver of land near the riverbank, but the landowners have countered with a request for $1229. Larrison explained that the increased cost comes from the landowners’ desire to sell the entire parcel of land, rather than a significant chunk.

“The parcel was so small to begin with, the total parcel, and we were taking such a huge chunk of it that there was really nothing left over for her. She had basically a useless piece of ground at that point. She asked if the county would consider taking the rest, so it added about $300 more to it,” said Larrison.

A motion was made and approved for the offer of $1,229, and a $2,500 claim was also approved for the relocation of the Comb family whose land was previously acquired.

Larrison also informed the commissioners that an Engineers’ Report has been completed for Bridge 9. The county can choose to restore and improve the bridge at a lower cost than completely replacing it. Larrison said the bridge would need to be stripped down, but rails and other pieces of the structure would remain in place throughout the renovation.