North Judson Man Arrested on Battery Charges

Gary Spencer

Thirty-three-year-old Gary Spencer of North Judson faces D-felony charges of Battery after he allegedly struck a two-year-old in the face, causing severe bruising.

According to Misty Maciejack, she awoke to find bruises on her daughter’s face and, when she asked where the bruises came from, Spencer gave her two different versions of the story. He first claimed that Mann had run into a wall, but then he claimed that she fell off a bed. Because Gary was the only person in the house during the time the incident could have taken place, Maciejack grew suspicious and reported the incident to the Starke County Sheriff’s Department.

Spencer was taken to the Sheriff’s Department for questioning, but refused to answer questions until a lawyer was present. He was placed into custody for Battery, and his first pre-trial conference date is set for April 26 with a plea-agreement deadline of May 24 at 8 a.m.