North Judson Town Board Discusses Key Policy

Front Row: Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry, Board members Ralph T. Cummins, Wendy Hoppe, and Jane Ellen Felchuk, Attorney Cassandra Hine. Back Row: Town Marshal Doug Vessely, Fire Chief Joe Leszek and Town Superintendent Marshall Horstmann. Photo by Town Photographer Peggy Bohac

The North Judson Town Board discussed the new key policy at their recent meeting. There is a new key log for all employees and all keys will be accounted for for all buildings and employees.

Town Superintendent Marshall Horstman reported to the board that a position with the utility department has been filled pending a drug test.

The Town of North Judson has a new Facebook page. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry and Billing Clerk, Jennifer Vanek, have been reworking the site and they post town information as well as board minutes, which will be posted as they are approved.