Plymouth Mayor Discusses Last Week’s Fire

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter

It was exactly a week ago that a spectacular fire occurred in Plymouth. Some even called it the biggest fire ever in that city. Over 100 firefighters fought the blaze that took almost 24 hours to completely extinguish. It was reported that one million gallons of water was used during the fire.

Ted Hayes talks with Mayor Mark Senter this morning about the fire. Ted asked how the city was recovering from the blaze.

“Fortunately, it was an abandoned building. They did have some property, and the owners of the actual business, so no one is out of a home, no one else is out of a property other than that company. So at least we didn’t have people that lost homes and all of their worldly possessions, so that was probably the most fortunate thing of the whole mess,” said Senter.

Senter said he expects clean up to begin soon.

“I just drove by there about an hour ago, and they had some insurance adjustors out there taking a look at it. I would imagine that they would be cleaning it up soon,” said Senter.

Yesterday the fire was termed an arson. Senter, who is an ex-state policeman, said he stays out of the investigation of such events, leaving that to the state fire marshal’s office.

“I try to stay out of that and let the police officers and the fire investigators do their job and I’d love to get in it again, but I just can’t do that anymore. But that’s what I did for a long time, I just let them handle it and they will inform me if and when something breaks,” said Senter.

Ted asked Senter if using a million gallons of water has affected the city’s supply.

“Other than maybe a little bit of rust in the lines that is coming out now, there are some homes that I’m sure are getting some red water but we were able to keep that at a minimum, I think,” said Senter.