Starke County Board of Zoning Appeals Rejects Dotlich Appeal

The continuing dispute between two adjoining property owners passed another procedure recently when the Starke County Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously rejected an appeal by Betty and George Dotlich of rural Grovertown. The Dotlich appeal was that a permit issued to place a double wide structure on property owned by Julia Ford was in error.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Dotlich were before the Starke County Commissioners last week imploring them to look into the matter. They are seeking a meeting before a Building Review Board, which would be the three commissioners.

This is where the issue becomes a little murky as none of the commissioners are familiar with this type of procedure. Commissioner Jennifer Davis asked County Attorney Marty Lucas about the proposed procedure.

“I would like to know before this meeting if it is proper for us to hear this. Have they exhausted all avenues, and are we the last resort or are we the last resort before they go to court?” Davis asked.

Lucas attempted to further explain the responsibility of the Review Board.

“You’re the review of the office you have supervision over,” said Lucas. “Just like the BZA, you’re the next step. If they don’t like what you do they can appeal that to court.”

Mrs. Dotlich said they would be discussing the matter with their attorney and would get back with the commissioners to announce their decision.