Starke County Treasurer Preparing to Send out Tax Bills

Starke County Interim Treasurer, Kasey Clark, told Starke County officials this week that a number of banks have been contacted and lined up to take tax payments.

“We have seven locations including the Bank of Indiana in Hamlet, the Bank of Monterey in Monterey and the Bank of Monterey in North Judson, the Bank of Indiana in North Judson, 1st Source Bank in Knox, the First Farmers Bank of Knox, and the DeMotte State Bank. Everyone will be able to drop off their payments there and be sure to leave a self-addressed stamped envelope.  We will mail them a receipt. This will help process the payments quicker and won’t hold them up in the Treasurer’s office.” said Kasey.

We asked Clark when the bills would be out.

”Right now we are still waiting for information from the state in order to get our bills processed and in the system. We still don’t have our rates and that’s what we’re waiting on. But we’re shooting for the end of March or the beginning of April to get them in the mail.”

Clark said there was one other method of paying taxes besides in person or at the local banks.

“They can mail them into the 1st Source Bank at the P.O. Box on the back of their bill. That’s 1st Source Bank in South Bend. They process them for us.”