Corey Drive Residents Requesting Street Lights

Knox Mayor Rick Chambers

Residents of Corey Drive in Knox are requesting street lights, according to Mayor Rick Chambers.

“One of the NIPSCO guys stopped up the other day. He said a couple of people in that area had stopped and talked to him about getting two lights in that subdivision. There are no street lights on Corey Drive at 500 East. The ordinance that the planning commission is working on would require new subdivisions to put in their own lights. Now there is a light at the intersection of 500 east and Corey Drive. They are asking for two lights. If you have been in that area there is a hump, and the NIPSCO guy thinks a couple of lights on either side would be nice,” said Chambers.

It’s estimated that each light would cost $40 to $50 a month. There are 19 homes in the subdivision.

Clerk Jeff Houston reminded the councilmen that there is no water or sewer in the subdivision, so no income is coming in from the utilities.

The councilmen were urged to take a look at the subdivision before the next city council meeting, and the mayor will bring the topic up again.