Culver EMS Looking for Volunteers

Culver EMS Director Chuck Dilts told the town board this week that their volunteer numbers are dwindling from people retiring and moving on for other reasons. Because the numbers are decreasing so drastically, Culver EMS is now looking for volunteers that want to help a worthy cause.

Dilts said the organization plans to reach out to the younger generation in town, and they may approach the high school looking for volunteers. They will also advertise in the paper and other media.

On the positive side, if enough volunteers come forward and are interested in taking a legitimate EMT class, Dilts says that should not be a problem.

“If I can get the people, that would be one thing that we’re looking at. If we can get the word out and there’s people that want to take the EMT class, I’m sure we can get a class put together here,” said Diltz.

Dilts explained that the uniforms are provided at no cost to volunteers, and the organization helps with training. A lot of the training is done in-house, such as how to drive the ambulance, and the state provides training as well. According to Dilts, there is no expense to volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information, you can reach the Culver-Union Township Emergency Medical Service at (574) 842-2773, or email