David Hyatt to Become Interim President of IU Health Starke Hospital

David Hyatt

As reported Saturday, there is to be a change of leadership at I.U. Health Starke Hospital. Linda Satkoski will become the Chief Operating Office for the entire La Porte health system after serving as the president of I.U. Health Starke Hospital for three years. David Hyatt has agreed to become the Interim President at Starke, and this change will take place June 4.

Satkoski says a number of big changes have been made in the last three years.

“Well I feel the changes have really been outstanding. We’ve made financial changes, quality changes, and customer service changes. With the addition of nearly 40 new physicians coming in from the La Porte system assisting us from the physician network, we’ve made outstanding changes in all areas. Those include the new look in the lobby. We’ve done a lot of different things,” Satkoski said.

The number one thing that Satkoski said she was proud of is patient services.

“The patients that are here are extremely pleased with the service they receive,” Satkoski said.

Hyatt explained what he has learned from Satkoski after working with her over the past 3 years.

“Long story short I think its never compromising when it comes to quality and whats best for our patients,” Hyatt said.

Hyatt talked about how much he has enjoyed working at Starke.

“Starke Hospital holds a special spot in my heart. You know I’ve grown to know all the colleagues down here, and a lot of great members of the community. Starke Hospital has the potential to be a very superb hospital in the I.U. Health network,” said Hyatt.