Don Good Discusses Gas Prices

Frustrated with gasoline prices? Don Good, a gasoline distributor in Winamac Indiana talks about where gas prices are going.

“The general wisdom is that we are going to see it up for a little while longer,” Good replied. “We are, though, approaching the top. There is not only a demand degradation here, but China is starting to slow down also. So it kind of appears that we are approaching the top.”

Anger, suspicion and frustration are only three of the words used to describe the public’s reaction to the gasoline prices.

“Everybody is frustrated with it. An up market just absolutely kills everyone. You just can’t move it to the street fast enough when it moves like this. We’re seeing 10-15 cent jumps a night with no reason,” Good said.

He’s said it before, and he’ll say it again, if we could only get the speculators out of the market we could stabilize these prices.

“Here’s the thing. We’ve been pushing the oversight on the commodities market for several years. We’re trying to get the speculation slowed down. Here’s something to consider: there is at least 56 cents a gallon minimum in speculation.”

Good said don’t be surprised that when the market breaks, prices will go down rapidly.