EMS Director Talks about Advantages of ALS Service in Starke County

EMS Director Paul Mathewson, EMT Travis Clary and Paramedic Aaron Krizmanich

EMS Director Paul Mathewson appeared before the Starke County Commissioners yesterday and shared a story that points out the advantages of moving to Advanced Life Service here. On March 23rd, the ambulance crew was called out to a case where a television fell on a five year old girl from a dresser. Mathewson was on the run and reported that the likelihood of recovery initially looked gloomy, but because of the advanced training, the crew was able to begin treatment and take her into IU Health Starke Hospital. Once there, the girl was stabilized and a Med Flight helicopter was called in to get her to Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis as quickly as possible.

Because of the rainy weather that day, the helicopter couldn’t come in to make the flight. The Starke County unit, with paramedics on board all of the way, raced her to Kokomo where they linked up with a fully equipped ambulance from Riley’s that carried her the rest of the way. According to Mathewson, at last report, there is a 95% chance of full recovery!

ALS came to Starke County March 1st, and for one little girl her ride ended with the treatment that saved her from death or a lifetime of physical complications.

All three commissioners praised Mathewson and told him to give his staff their heartfelt thanks on a “job well done.” Commission President, Kathy Norem, was heard saying, “this story, for me, makes our efforts to upgrade our services all worthwhile.”