Farm Bureau Members are Encouraged to Vote Their Conscience Concerning O-D Referendum

Oregon-Davis Jr./Sr. High School

After meeting with Oregon-Davis Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney last week, the Starke County Farm Bureau has decided not to oppose the upcoming referendum. Farm Bureau President Brad Lawrence said the board is encouraging its membership to “vote their conscience” on the referendum on May 8th.

Oregon-Davis Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney has talked about that referendum before telling why the referendum is needed to keep the school system solvent. Dr. Disney talked about the fact of the state reducing the funding putting Oregon-Davis in a position of having to consider consolidation.

“This year they changed the finances so Oregon-Davis and North Judson are taking big hits,” explained Dr. Disney. “Because they changed school financing, we’re taking a 10% hit. We made all the cuts last year to have a balanced book. Then in January, our revenue was cut another 10% than what we received in December. We were told last spring that we were not getting any more money, but we didn’t expect a 10% hit.”

Disney told us what the referendum will say.

“The question that will appear on the ballot is: For seven calendar years immediately following holding the referendum shall Oregon-Davis impost a property tax rate that does not exceed 19 cents each $100.”

Disney said they built up a rainy day fund.

“Yes, we built up our rainy day fund to try to get ready. We’re going to be spending $150,000 from that fund that will take us through the end of the school year.”