From the WKVI Archives

The Knox J.C.s were announcing their new officers 30 years ago today. They included: Gene Case, Chairman of the Board; Tom Jordan, President; Art Garbison, Vice President; Larry Platt, Secretary; A.J. Gappa, Treasurer; Gary Shepherd and Oscar Cowen, State Directors.

Several schools were announcing their Valedictorians for the 1982 graduating classes. They were announced as follows:
West Central: Natalie Conley
Knox: Lisa Wilkey
Winamac: Theresa Marie Reutebuch
North Judson-San Pierre: Sharon Herring
Oregon-Davis Carla Denise Shores

Where are they now? We do know that Brenda Shilling, Jeanette Seaman, and Karen Shei were the Salutatorians at Knox, Winamac, and Oregon-Davis, respectively. If anyone knows what these great students are up to, please contact us at 772-6241.