Harlem Wizards Come to Knox!

The Roadrunner and Tom Berg

The Harlem Wizards came to Knox last night appearing in a fundraiser for the Knox High School Band. Money raised was to be used for a band trip to Florida.

While the Wizards play almost every night, some of the “ringers” rounded up by Coach Craige Phipps left a little to be desired. Tom Berg tried to keep up with the Wizards star guard who was simply known as “The Roadrunner.”

“My specialty is that I’m a juggler,” said The Roadrunner. “I love to pass the ball so if you see a couple of guys on the floor falling and whatnot, it’s my doing. We’ve never lost.”

When asked about the crew he was up against last night, he replied, “They look like every person that I’ve played against and they’re going down.”

Ted Hayes asked The Roadrunner if WKVI’s Tom Berg looked like he could get six inches off the ground.

“Um, no. Hopefully he doesn’t because I don’t want anyone going to the ER tonight. Hopefully he tries to stay grounded.”

Tom will tell you more about the game throughout the morning.