Illinois Man Arrested after Attempted Rape Incident in Winamac

An Illinois man was arrested in Pulaski County on Sunday after an alleged attempted rape incident.

The charging information indicates that Alexandros Kleronomos reportedly broke into the residence of the female victim in Winamac and stole items from the residence and while there, strangled the victim and attempted to rape her. He reportedly did this in the presence of a nine-year-old child. He also took the victim’s food stamps and keys in the incident. The Winamac Police Department responded to the call and arrested Kleronomos. He is currently in the Pulaski County Jail.

Pulaski County Prosecutor Stacey Mrak has filed charges against Kleronomos of Attempted Rape, a Class A Felony; Burglary, a Class B Felony; and Strangulation, Domestic Battery and Theft as Class D Felonies.