Knox Harvest Festival Meeting To Be Held Tuesday

The Knox Harvest Days celebration is August 24 – 26, and Michelle Bachtel, owner of the local H & R Block in Knox, is the new festival president. Bachtel says the organization has made a number of developments, including a new website.

“Well the first thing we did is establish the Knox Harvest Festival as its own legal entity, so it is now an organization that can be donated to. Sponsors can sponsor it and know the money is going where it needs to go and to whom its suppose to go. The second thing we did is develop a web page: If you need to e-mail me it’s just,” Bachtel said.

Bachtel has been both a board member and volunteer for the Plymouth Blueberry Festival in the past and has some new ideas to share with those who would like to help make the Harvest Days Festival great.

“We’re trying to get the festival moved to Wythogen Park. We’re having a meeting on Tuesday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the H & R Block office in the Knox Mall. We want anyone and everyone who has any history to come and volunteer. I’m looking for more ideas,” said Bachtel.