Literacy Program Coming to Starke County

The SCILL Center Director Jerry Gurrado announced this week that a literacy program is coming to Starke County. Gurrado talked about the program’s focus.

“We had a training session at the library in Knox, and we had four volunteers that were trained,” explained Gurrado. “If anyone is in need of getting training in basic reading or math skills, the courses are taught in a one-on-one situation instead of in a big classroom.”

We asked Mr. Gurrado how the program came about.

“We had a couple of industries call and ask about a literacy program. In one case, a plant manager had a person with great common sense and a great work ethic, but just had some problems with reading. When I went to check, I found out that at one time there was a literacy program, but it had been discontinued.”

That’s when Mr. Gurrado investigated the possibility of putting a program in the Starke County libraries. After all, literacy goes hand-in-hand with making a worker more productive.

“The libraries in Knox and North Judson jumped on board immediately. Also agreeing to participate were the GED Task Force and the Starke County Community Foundation. Every program needs some start up money for materials and training, and the Community Foundation found us a NIPSCO grant to get started.”

For more information on the Literary Program, call either the Henry F. Schricker Library in Knox, the SCILL Center, or the North Judson-Wayne Township Library. You can ask how you can become a volunteer or a student.