North Judson Man Arrested after Prescription Drugs are Found in His Possession

Kevin Glisic

A North Judson man was arrested on April 12th after police found he was consealing prescription medication.

Kevin Glisic was pulled over in the North Judson area for an infraction violation and during the traffic stop, the officer did not find any contraband in his vehicle. After Glisic was released from the traffic stop, police reportedly received information that he was consealing medication in his pants. Pulaski County police learned that he was going to a residence in the Medaryville area and on the way there, officers found the Glisic’s vehicle at a gas station. Glisic allegedly saw law enforcement in the area and reportedly started acting suspiciously.  The officer asked Glisic if he could speak with him outside and he agreed saying that he had nothing in his car.

He agreed to a pat down where he later admitted that he had a pill bottle in his pants. Prescription medication was found inside the pill bottle. Glisic reportedly told police that he was transporting the pill bottle to the police department and said the bottle belonged to a friend and he was doing “what he felt was right”.

Glisic was arrested on preliminary charges of Possession of a Schedule II, III and IV Controlled Substance, all Class D Felonies. The case will be reviewed by the Pulaski County Prosecutor for formal charges.