North Judson Railroad Committee Seeks Grant to Repair Crossing

The North Judson Railroad Committee is currently working on gathering funding for repairs on the U.S. 30 railroad crossing. Because a lot of truck traffic goes over the railroad, it has recently fallen into a minor state of disrepair — and with an expected increase in traffic passing over that crossing, the repairs are important.

Unfortunately, the repairs are not expected to be cheap. The committee is working on finding grants to fund the repairs, but the total cost is yet unknown.

The North Judson Town Board is considering the purchase of a “leak listener,” a device used to detect the location of leaks in pipes. Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says this device could save the town time and money by allowing them to find and repair leaks without tearing up pavement or yards. She says the board will do more investigation into the performance of the device and will check with other communities that use it and get their opinions.