Oregon-Davis and South Central Schools Sponsoring Anti-Bullying Program Today

Oregon-Davis and South Central Schools are partnering to bring in a noted anti-bullying expert to talk with students today. Michael Dorn is one of the nation’s most experienced and highly credentialed school safety experts who has authored or co-authored 18 books on the subject. His program is entitled “Weak-Fish”.

Oregon-Davis Superintendent Dr. Steve Disney is very aware of bullying in school, and has added an individual to help with student intimidation.

“We did apply and received a grant this year to add a resource officer with Fred Baker,” said Dr. Disney. “With all the things kids go through, it’s so important to try to do as much as you can to assist them in building their communication skills and working with others.”

We asked Dr. Disney to describe students who are prone to bullying.

“A lot of times it’s kids doing the bullying who come from situations where they have a bad home life, or maybe even violence in the family. It’s a matter of providing through counseling simple life skills. Above all, it’s not letting it go unrecognized.”

Michael Dorn will address the 7th and 8th grade students at Oregon-Davis today at 12:30 p.m., followed by a presentation to the high school students.