Pulaski County Extension Chords to Present Concert Tonight

The Pulaski County Extension Chords will present their “Life is a Highway” concert tonight at 7 p.m. ET in the Winamac High School Socialtorium. Director Jodie Schlatter described what the concert-goers will enjoy.

“It’s just like the chorus is going on this bus trip to go to a choral festival and we’re just singing about our trip on the bus– what we see out the window, what we’re feeling, and just tying in all these cool songs from many decades,” said Schlatter. “We’ve got 60’s songs, Beatles, w’re singing part of Rascal Flatts’ song that they made famous with the Cars, good ol’ standards like ‘Blue Moon,’ some country, some pop, Taylor Swift, and we’re doing our own version of Ike and Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary.'”

She explained that the organization is actually part of a larger club.

“We are part of the Extension Club through Purdue University. We’re a special interest club and we go to Purdue each year at Festival Day during their Extension Service Homemakers’ Club event and our club travels around the country,” said Schlatter.