Rockwell Property Deemed Economic Revitalization Area

Back Row: Greg Matt, Mayor Rick Chambers, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Donald Kring, City Attorney David Matsey. Front Row: Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg and Ron Parker

Attorney Ed Volk came before the Knox City Council this week requesting a resolution approving the Rockwell property in Knox as an Economic Revitalization area. According to Volk, this would open the way for the sale of the property and hopefully employment opportunities for area residents.

The resolution had to be signed before there can be a statement of benefits. After publication, notices will be sent to all taxing entities. This is all required by statute.

Mr. Volk will be back in two weeks when he will ask for tax abatement. At that time, he will be able to tell the council more about the business that will take over the property.

“I expect at that time we will be back with a real live potential business who is looking to come to Starke County, Knox, at the Rockwell Plant,” explained Volk. “I anticipate the statement of benefits is going to talk about 20 new employees. I think this will be a nice new business. Sorry, but I can’t tell you any more at this time.”

The council voted unanimously to approve the resolution, allowing the measure to move forward.