Turkey Tracks Event this Weekend!

The Turkey Tracks event is upon us. Turkey Tracks is in its fourth year and is sponsored by the Eric Corey Foundation.

This will be the first year for the event since the death of the person who established the event. Eric Corey, who had ALS, was a young hunter who wanted others with disabilities to be able to enjoy the sport that he loved so much. His mother and father, Carol and Doug, plus numerous guides, and others, will be gathering at the Washington Township Community Building Friday for the opening of the weekend wild turkey hunt.

The first order of business Friday afternoon will be the hunters and guides sighting their guns.

Carol Corey said that she is hoping for a successful hunt.

“This morning Doug got up and he looked out my kitchen window and he said, ‘Carol come and look. We have six jakes and two toms on the other side of the ditch’,” Carol said.

Even though 34 disabled hunters signed up Carol said the number has diminished to 31.

“I was at 34 but I’ve got three in the hospital,” she reported.

The Turkey Tracks event will be held April 27th-29th.