Walk to School Day this Thursday in Winamac

Winamac students, Safe Routes to School Task Force leaders, Kiwanis Club members and local law enforcement will be participating in “Walk to School Day” in Winamac this Thursday, April 12th.

The walk will begin at 7:30 a.m. ET at the corner of Main and Logan Streets in Winamac and all participants will walk down Main Street to the north side of the County Courthouse, to Monticello Street to Riverside Drive and it will end at the Elementary and Middle Schools. You are also invited to join in the walk.

A Safe Route to School was created in Winamac to promote healthier kids and allowing them to have a safe route to walk or bike to school. The Town of Winamac and the Eastern Pulaski School Corporation applied for a grant to create this route and the entities were awarded the grant last year.