West Central School Board Discusses IREAD Results

The West Central School Board members discussed the results of the IREAD test at their recent meeting. The IREAD test was administered to the third grade students and if the students did not pass the test then they would need to get additional instruction and retake the test in June. If the students are not successful in their second attempt, they will be required to retake third grade reading next year.

Superintendent Charles Mellon said the students did very well and only 13 students did not pass the test.

“I think only four would be those that could not get a waiver,” said Mr. Mellon. “The others that did not pass were special needs students. We are remediating during some after school hours and then we will be doing a ten-day summer school in June and they’re retesting in June. The Principal, Mr. Brose, told the Board that he was pretty confident that the non-waiver students would be able to improve their scores to where they could pass.”