Braun Corp. Announces Launch of BraunTaxi

To better serve the needs of taxi passengers with disabilities, the Braun Corporation has announced the launch of BraunTaxi, a new brand that will encompass all of its taxi products. Jim Probst says the brand has recently announced an upcoming roll-out.

“Currently, we offer side- and rear-entry taxis for the Town and Country as well as the Dodge Grand Caravan. We also have a rear-entry solution for the Toyota Sienna, and recently we’ve announced our roll-out for the upcoming Nisson NV 200, which is labeled ‘the taxi of tomorrow for New York City,’” said Probst.

The BraunTaxi line adds a number of accommodations to vehicles to allow for easier handicap access, as Probst explains.

“The floor of the vehicle is lowered to accommodate the interior height that is needed for a passenger riding in a wheelchair. So the driver simply opens the door, unfolds the lightweight aluminum ramp, and assists the passenger via a wheelchair strap and seat belts, removes the ramp and closes the door and away they go,” Probst said.

This is the third generation of taxi vehicles in New York City. Other cities that have Braun taxis are Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Philadelphia.