IU Health Starke Hospital Celebrates National Hospital Week

IU Health Starke Hospital

This week is National Hospital Week, and IU Health Starke Hospital Director of Finance Rosie Heise says the staff has been celebrating this week with different activities for the 180 employees at the facility.

“It’s to promote ‘Best People Making a Difference,’” said Heise. “It’s just to say thank you to all of our colleagues for the great job that they do. We are going to be celebrating Foundation Day to promote the Starke Health Fund and we’re also going to have a picnic lunch, free giveaways to our colleagues and just really celebrate everything they do.”

Donations are being collected now from hospital colleagues and community members for the Starke Health Fund. Heise explained the purpose of the fund.

“It pays for people who need the money. It’s for someone needs funds for gas to get to their physician’s office visits, they need to go down to IU Health, a parent needs to take their child to Riley Hospital, and medications for patients who cannot afford it. We do a lot of different things just to help the community out and to help people so that they do have the healthcare and we can meet their needs,” said Heise.

If you need more information on the Starke Health Fund, call (574) 772-6231.