Pulaski County Bell Tower Worsens With Each Toll Of The Bell

Mortar has crumbled in the Pulaski County Courthouse bell and clock tower

Pulaski County Maintenance Director Morry Demarco told the commissioners this week that with each toll of the Pulaski County Courthouse bell, mortar crumbles from between the bricks, and he is anxious to get the bell tower fixed.

Demarco says that he’d like to get the bid awarded and have the tower fixed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage, but because of a large variance in the prices of the bids presented, the commissioners requested that he speak with the bidders to ensure they understand the scope of work.

The bid prices ranged from as low as $7000 to as high as $16,000, and Demarco said that he will speak to the bidders and have them break down their prices. He says it’s very important that the work be done right. Because of the age of the structure, the mortar must be replaced with a similar mix to prevent any damage to the delicate bricks.