Starke County Jail Committee Receives Timeline

Lisa A. Lee, partner at Ice Miller LLP, presented a draft timetable for the Starke County Jail project to the jail committee on Friday. The timetable included a list of dates for important steps that must be completed for the project to move forward.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for the afternoon of June 15, when the committee will receive an update from the DLZ Architectural Firm and the Skillman Corporation regarding cost proposals and budgets. Community meetings are expected to be held June 25-30, but that date could be moved sooner if the committee decides to move a month early.

The schematic design phase will begin on July 17 if the county commissioners, council, and jail committee approve findings on the assessment and feasibility study. The design development phase is slated to begin September 18, assuming the schematic design and its estimated cost are approved by the governing bodies.

These dates are subject to change, as the timetable was only presented to the committee as a proposal.