Tough Choices Ahead for Starke County TRIAD

The Starke County TRIAD organization recently met and discussed the future of the organization. Starke County Triad is comprised of members from law enforcement, senior citizens, and members of organizations concerned for senior welfare. The organization meets quarterly.

Joan Haugh, Executive Director of Community Services of Starke County, explained that the organization will soon have some tough choices to make.

“At the meeting, we did discuss how often we should meet and should we consider partnering with LaPorte County TRIAD because they may have more resources at their fingertips,” said Haugh. “We are going to have another meeting July 23rd and we would like to have a few more of the regular members in attendance before we make any final decisions on whether we should partner, whether we should disband, or keep going as we have been going,” said Haugh.

Haugh says that Starke County TRIAD provides several different services and items to the public to ensure safety..

“The Files of Life is a sleeve you can put on your refrigerator that contains your medical information which is very handy when the EMS, Adult Protective Services or fire or police should be at your residence. We also started a program with beacon flashers. You insert them in your outdoor light and when you flip your light switch on and off, that outdoor light will continually flash so that the EMS, police or fire can find your place easily,” said Haugh.

She explained that there are a number of legal issues preventing them from conducting pill drops in the area.

“The pill drops have to be done according to the regulations of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. They’re working with the National Sheriff’s Association to collect those prescription drugs. We also try to offer informational programs on scams and the latest frauds. We hope that seniors and law enforcement would come to those meetings and learn about the latest things that are going on so they can protect themselves,” Haugh said.

One special guest has been asked to present a program during the next meeting on July 23.

“We’re going to ask Doug Vessely, the Police Chief in North Judson, to be our speaker to keep us informed about the latest scams and fraud,” Haugh explained.

The next meeting will be held in North Judson and we’ll have more information on that meeting as plans are finalized. If you would like to learn more about Starke County TRIAD or would like to become a member, call Joan Haugh at 772-7070.