WKVI Tour To Washington Is Two Weeks Away

Ed Hasnerl
Ed Hasnerl

Two weeks from today the giant motor bus will head out from the WKVI studios to Washington, D.C.

The WKVI trip’s tour guide, Ed Hasnerl, always makes the trip special and he says this year is no different.

“Our group has been selected to put a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery and several of the veterans on the trip will take part in that presentation,” Hasnerl said.

Hasnerl explained that the idea was approved and arranged by Senator Richard Lugar.

“We made a request and Senator Lugar’s office arranged the honor,” Hasnerl said.

Hasnerl will be back tomorrow to explain a couple of other exciting events that will be taking place on the trip. Incidentally, because of illness, one couple has had to cancel plans to take the trip, so if you’d like to take their place, call WKVI at (574) 772-6241.

The bus leaves June 14.