Belork, Starke Commissioners To Appear In Jasper Circuit Court Wednesday

Linda Belork

The Starke County Commissioners and Linda Belork will be back in Jasper Circuit Court Wednesday June 6 at 9 a.m. Judge John Potter will hear oral arguments in the case that involves Belork’s removal from the treasurer’s office in August of last year. At the time it was announced that there was a discrepancy in funds in the office. Although the discrepancy was ultimately cleared up, Belork was never returned to the office as treasurer.

The key issue in the case in Rensselaer is whether the commissioners acted correctly under statute in removing Belork from office.

Affidavits of people with knowledge of the case will be presented.

It’s not known whether Judge Potter will render an opinion Wednesday or if he will take the information received under advisement and give his opinion at a later date.