Eastern Pulaski Schools Proud of ISTEP Test Results

Dr. Robert Klitzman
Dr. Robert Klitzman
The Eastern Pulaski School Board dissected the preliminary ISTEP test results this week and Superintendent Dr. Robert Klitzman said the students did exceptionally well.

“In terms of reading, our third, fourth and fifth grade students all performed better,” stated Klitzman. “We went from the lower-90s to the mid-upper-90s across the board. We’re in 90s at our sixth grade level and both our seventh and eighth grade showed some good scores.”

The students also did well on the math portion of the ISTEP test.

“At the elementary level, every single grade level went up into the mid-90s. In science we went up, fourth grade had a 94 percent. In social studies in the fifth grade, they are at 95 percent. Excellent scores!” exclaimed Klitzman.

Klitzman said that there was also some improvement in the high school.

“At the high school level, there was good improvement in our Language Arts area. That was a target of focus for us so we’re very pleased with that, and we’re still taking steps to bring up our other areas as well.”