Father John Scott To Retire After 13 Years

Father John Scott

After 13 years in Knox, Father John Scott will be leaving the pulpit to retire. This Sunday he will give his last regular sermon as the pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.

Scott says he’s had a number of exciting experiences here.

“I had an opportunity to do a Good Leaders-Good Shepherd’s program. That was a three-year program on how to use the ministry for the effect of getting the gospel out,” he said.

Father Scott said retirement doesn’t mean he’ll retire to the rocking chair.

“I will continue to minister to various churches, because other priests will be asking me to help,” said Scott.

Scott remarked that he has pastored in a wide range of settings.

“I was in an inner-city church in Gary, pastored in small parishes, was assigned to a prison ministry, as well as a hospital chaplaincy,” he said.

It’s interesting how people are drawn to a religious career. For Father Scott, he knew what he wanted to do from an early age.

“I’ve had a desire ever since I was about four years old,” he said. “I remember I used to practice on a little stepladder standing on my mother’s sewing box. I would preach from there while she was doing her knitting. I’ve always had that call in my heart from an early age.”

Father Holy has been assigned to St. Thomas-Aquinas, and will begin his pastorate July 1. Scott said he’s quite impressed with the new priest.

“I think he’s a nice young man,” he said. “He has a degree in agriculture, and then he come into the priesthood. I think he’s going to fit in really well here.”