Judge Still Undecided In Case Between Belork, Starke Commissioners

Linda Belork

Jasper Circuit Court Judge John Potter has yet to make his decision regarding the case between former Starke County Treasurer Linda Belork and the Starke County Commissioners. The attorney for the Starke County Commissioners and the attorney for Linda Belork and Ohio Casualty appeared before the judge on June 6 and presented evidence supporting their cases.

The attorney for the commissioners, Martin Lucas, told the judge that the commissioners were faced with a serious problem: $900,000 was reportedly misappropriated in the treasurer’s office, according to the State Board of Accounts. He said the commissioners acted according to statute in removing her from office and filing suit against her bond.

Belork’s attorney, Ethan Lowe, argued that the commissioners knew one week after the report came in for the misappropriated funds that the money was not stolen or lost. He says the error lies in the payroll department in the auditor’s office, not the treasurer’s office. Lowe also claimed that because of the commissioners actions, Belork’s reputation in the community has been ruined.

Judge Potter made no immediate decision, and instead took the matter under advisement, promising a decision before Oct. 9.