Knox City Council Approves Using Riverboat Funds To Build Handicap Ramp at Courthouse

Knox City Council

The Knox City Council this week approved a motion to use $4000 from Riverboat revenue to put in a handicap ramp on the west side of the courthouse. The committee planned to use funds out of the 50/50 sidewalkfund, but work that had been done in front of city hall and expenses as part of the city’s leaf pick-up had drained the sidewalk repair fund.

The 50/50 sidewalk paving project allowed residents to pay 50 percent of the cost of repaving the sidewalk in front of their residence, with the remaining half to be covered by the city. The council was unsure as to how much the courthouse could afford to pay to do this project.

City Attorney David Matsey discouraged the council from waiting because it is a potential liability for the city. He says it’s a risk that needs to be addressed.

Mayor Rick Chambers told the council of three available options: do nothing until next year, use Riverboat money, or use paving money if it’s available.

The Riverboat fund had roughly $30,000 for the city’s use, and a motion was approved to use $4000 of those funds to put in the handicap ramp.